Smart Energy Manager (SEM)
Smart Energy Manager (SEM)

Product Description:
Smart Energy Manager (SEM)

The energy consumption whether in public lighting or private users, constitutes a high percentage of the total energy used and wasted as well. Light pollution is currently the most discussed topic involving all the operators in the lighting field to such an extent as to become the object of national and international recommendations and directives.

We at Sylvan Electronics are pleased to provide a solution to help control Light Pollution and Save money for the enterprise and consumers with a Smart Energy Manager (S.E.M), a machine that will MANAGE your energy for you and also keep a check on those electricity bills. SEM has the following evident advantages:

  • Automated Energy Saver mode
  • Instant Savings on electricity bills
  • Increase Equipment Life
  • Help Save Environment - Lower's C02 Emissions
Smart Energy Manager (SEM)

Sylvan’s SEM device can provide a solution to all energy wastage and lighting pollution problems; it can also reduce those power bills drastically. In many cases the payback period of this machine can be as low as 6-7 months depending on the load.

A S.E.M works on the principal of smarter and more stable energy management. It starts up by automatically executing the ignition cycle which is customisable to the type of load being powered. And then it gradually reaches the pre-set rated energy value. This pre-set value is customizable per implementation,

Whatever the operating conditions, the output voltage is maintained within ±1% of the pre-set value, even after major input voltage variations.

In case of an unwanted shut-down, when the mains are restarted, S.E.M performs a new ignition cycle. This assures an optimum restart voltage, which once reached will be again brought down the pre-set user defined energy level. This demonstrates the safety feature of S.E.M, and guarantees a safe re-light load.

Models Available:
Single Phase:

Model Name Size
SEM_PS1 10 Kva
SEM_PS2 20 Kva
SEM_PS5 50 Kva
SEM_PS7 70 Kva


Three Phase:

Model Name Size
SEM_P3A3 30 Kva
SEM_P3A5 50 Kva
SEM_P3A6 60 Kva
SEM_P3A9 90 Kva
SEM_P3B2 120 Kva
SEM_P3C0 200 Kva
SEM_P3C7 270 Kva
SEM_P3D5 350 Kva
SEM_P3E5 450 Kva
SEM_P3F0 500 Kva
SEM_P3F5 550 Kva
SEM_P3G0 600 Kva


Features Applications
  • Intelligent Ignition Cycle
  • Maximise Energy Saving
  • Instant Savings on electricity bills
  • Increase Equipment Life by many folds
  • Save Environment by helping you lower’s your C02 Emissions
  • Industrial Sites
  • Manufacturing Units/Warehouses’
  • Residential Units/Villas/Bungalows
  • Farmhouses and Country Villa’s
  • Office Sites
  • Hospitals
  • Hotels
  • Malls
  • Large Lighting loads
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