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About Sylvan Eletronics

"SYLVAN" ELECTRONICS" has been working in the area of Energy Management & Control for the industries and various public / private sector organizations for more than +42 years with a mission to manufacture efficient Energy Conditioning & Power Saving Equipment’s with a vision to not just satisfy but delight the customers.

Over the many years of experience we have continuously developed and enhanced methods of designing and building sophisticated energy saving equipment. We have installations dating from early 1970’s of voltage stabilisers across India to installation of our latest SVS in countries such as Australia, UAE, Africa etc.

We now are an Original Equipment supplier to Siemens Medical since 1992, and they rely on our SVS and Isolation products for continuous delivery of right voltage to their CT, MRI and X-Ray machines in hospitals across North India.


We are also a product partner since 1990's to multiple auto ancillaries of Toyota and Honda group, where we supply our Servo Voltage Stabaliser’s and Isolation transformer units for CNC and heavy machines all across their assembly lines.

And we have many more such esteemed brands who are our satisfied clients and we continue to grow our businesses primarily based on references of delighted customers.

We believe that having an efficient supply of electricity is the key for any business to manage their cost and maintain their equipment life to a maximum. We at Sylvan provide customized solutions for all your power conditioning needs.

All our equipment’s incorporate latest design and technology and are built for long lasting performance.

  • Automated Energy Saver mode
  • Servo Voltage Stabalisers upto 1000kVA (Air or Oil Cooled)
  • Ultra Isolation Transformers & K-Rated Isolation Transformers
  • Control Transformers
  • Smart Energy Managers
  • Power Factor Control Units

We have dedicated team of expert R&D engineering team and test lab facility based on IS-2026& 9815 Standards. Our team is constantly working for technology up-gradation and are committed to quality development.

We continuously strive to meet our customer needs in order to provide them state of the art SYLVAN Technology and services.

Industries where our Units are commonly used:

  • Automated Energy Saver mode
  • Servo Voltage Stabalisers upto 1000kVA (Air or Oil Cooled)
  • CNC Machines
  • Hotels
  • Medical Equipment’s
  • R & D Institutions
  • Motor Loads
  • Defence Application
  • Induction heating
  • Telecommunication Networks
  • Industrial Units
  • Residential/Office Accommodation
Awards & Certification
  • C Tick Approved Products


    This mark signifies compliance with appropriate Australian EMC standards.

  • Our Products are CE Compliant


    Our Products comply with strict requirements of health and safety regulations