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Sylvan Electronics completes 43 years of service in the energy management business, thank you to all our clients for their trust in our quality. Sylvan products are now also being distributed in Australia and New Zealand. Energy Pollution growing many folds and Carbon footprint across the world is on the rise - Sylvan has built a Smart Energy Manager to help control this energy pollution.
Welcome to Sylvan India

"SYLVAN" ELECTRONICS" has been working in the area of Energy Management & Control for the industries and various public / private sector organizations for more than +42 years with a mission to manufacture efficient Energy Conditioning & Power Saving Equipment’s with a vision to not just satisfy but delight the customers.

Over the many years of experience we have continuously developed and enhanced methods of designing and building sophisticated energy saving equipment. We have installations dating from early 1970’s of voltage stabilisers across India to installation of our latest SVS in countries such as Australia, UAE, Africa etc.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Sylvan helps reduce carbon emissions across our clients and helps save energy. Our business is to build products that help save energy and save the environment. As a company we ensure we reduce our energy consumption by implementing our own energy manager across our units. We are also doing research on how we can reduce the usage of non biodegradable oil (in oil cool transformers) and replace it with biodegradable oil that is safer for environment.

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Case Studies
“We are proud to certify that we have been dealing with Sylvan Electronics for the last 25 years and they have provided us the best personalized service in respect of rate, quality and after sales service in meeting requirements of our Servo Voltage Stabilizers, Step down transformers etc.”
S.K. Sharma
Director General Manager
Sunbeam Auto Pvt. Ltd.
Awards & Certification
  • C Tick Approved Products


    This mark signifies compliance with appropriate Australian EMC standards.

  • Our Products are CE Compliant


    Our Products comply with strict requirements of health and safety regulations

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