Power Factor controller (SPFC)
Power Factor controller (SPFC)

Product Description:

Power factor is the ratio between the KiloWatt the actual load power and the KiloVoltageAmpere is the apparent power drawn by your electrical load. PF is the measure of how effectively is current being converted into usable power.

In some areas the bill is traditionally generated in KW but is now converted into KVA and the billing is done in KVA. In such a situation if the power factor is not close to unity (1) the KVA rating will be higher as compared to KW and you will have to pay more. It’s recommended to have PF controller to ensure the PF is maintained as close to unity as possible. Electrical authority at times may imposes a penalty, if the power factor is less than a minimum standard.

Sylvan’s Automatic Power Factor Controllers provides a cost effective solution for adjusting the power factor efficiently and effectively. Our SAPF controller saves your equipment by ensuring the power consumed is as close as possible to the apparent power in the circuits. This helps increase the life of your equipment and reducing any extra consumption as well. Our SAPF controllers are designed based on efficient use of capacitors and ultra-high speed automatic switching to ensure best in class performance with high reliability.


Features Applications
  • Consume Less Energy and Save

  • Increases Life of your Equipment
  • Reduce your Electricity Bill
  • Ultrafast switching rate
  • Customizable to your site specifications
  • Industrial Sites
  • Manufacturing Units/Warehouses’
  • Residential Units/Villas/Bungalows
  • Farmhouses and Country Villa’s
  • Office Sites
  • Hospitals
  • Hotels
  • Malls
  • Large Lighting loads

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