Sylvan Voltage Stabilizer
Sylvan Voltage Stabilizer

Product Description:
Air Cooled & Oil Cooled

A Voltage Stabilizer is used to control a fluctuating voltage at input & still deliver an almost constant voltage, at the output. Sylvan’s Servo Voltage Stabilizers (SVS) are a very effective solution to voltage fluctuation problems that are a common phenomenon in power lines nowadays. Sylvan’s SVS are designed to handle a wide range of input fluctuations and still maintain specified output voltage within +/- 0.1% regulation. The output voltage waveform is completely distortion free and the regulation remains typically unaffected by the load power factor.

Installing a Voltage stabilizer at the mains will ensure a stabilized voltage is delivered to all your equipment and help you save energy (hence save the environment and save money) and increase the life of your equipment.

Available in Single Phase and Three Phase with both Air Cooled and Oil Cooled options.

Cost Saving Calculation:

An average industry site consuming ~250KVa can save upto Rs.1,80,000 in a year after installing a Servo stabilizer.*

Air Cooled & Oil Cooled Air Cooled & Oil Cooled
Sylvan’s SVS Features and Benefits Applications
Consume Less Energy and Save CNC Machines
Increases Life of your Equipment Large Industrial Sites
Ultrafast correction rate on O/P Medical Equipment’s
Customizable to your site specifications Motor Loads
Individual phase sensing and by-pass option Large residential Units
~ Maintenance Free Farmhouses and Country Villa’s
2kVa upto 1000kVA range of products Defence Applications
D.Gen Set compatible Residential / Office Accommodations
Over 100,000 installations Telecommunication Networks
Virtually zero wave form distortion Hospitals
Virtually zero wave form distortion Hotels
No Phase Shifting and Nil effect on Power factor
Burn Proof High Torque A.C. Synchronous Motor

Table of Specifications:


Specifications Single Phase Three Phase
Input Voltage 160V – 260V 300V – 460V or 340V – 480V
Output Voltage 230V 380V/400V/415V
Regulation +/-1% or +/-0.5% +/-1% or +/-0.5%
Supply Frequency 47- 53 Hz 47 – 53Hz
Efficiency Better than 95% Better than 97%
Wave Form Distortion NIL NIL
Ambient Temperature Depends on Type of Cooling and IS Specifications Depends on Type of Cooling and IS Specifications
Motors High Torque AC Motor High Torque AC Motor



Type of System Input Voltage Range Rating (kVA) Output Voltage
Regulation Thermal Ventilation (Air/Oil)


Single     Phase
170V – 270V 1kVA,2kVA, 3KVa, 5kVA,7.5kVA,10kVA,
230V +/- 0.5% Air
140V – 270V 1kVA – 25kVA 230V +/-0.5% Air


Three Phase


340V- 480V

3KVA – 100 KVA 415V +/-1% Air
75kVA- 800kVA 415V +/-1% Oil
295V – 470V 3kVA – 75kVA 415V +/-1% Air
75kVA-1000kVA 415V +/-1% Oil
Single Phase / Three Phase Custom Voltage Range Customized Rating (as Per Site requirements) Customized Output voltage (as per site requirements) +/-1% Air / Oil

Sylvan Voltage Stabilizer Sylvan Voltage Stabilizer

* The above calculations are estimations based on some assumptions like Rs.7/per Kva for 16hrs a day at 300 days a year consumption etc on estimated savings possible. This number may differ for your site implementation.

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We can custom build Servo Voltage Stabilizers based on your site needs; contact us today for a site evaluation.

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Sylvan Voltage Stabilizer Sylvan Voltage Stabilizer