Control Transformers
Control Transformers:
Product Description:
Control Transformers

A Control Transformer is used to transform main circuit voltage to a lower voltage which is used in supplying power to control circuits of auxiliary equipment such as switching components, sensing components, starter panel, AC motor starters, indicating lamps, AC/DC drives etc.

Sylvan’s control transformers are designed to keep precise voltage regulation and minimal reactance and resistance drops throughout our transformer designs. Both the windings (primary and secondary) of Sylvan’s Control Transformers are made of copper and are built around high quality insulating material which insulates turn to turn windings, primary to secondary windings and ground. We use the industry standards prescribed super enamelled wire, CRGO approved core. We also vacuum impregnate our transformers with VT polyester resin and over-cure them in our industrial ovens to 120’ degrees. This special process seals the surface and eliminates moisture and provides a strong mechanical bond that offers protection from the environment.

Custom Specifications:

We at Sylvan make Control Transformers of almost all specifications ranging from

  • Single Phase across all Voltage ranges
  • 3 Phase across all voltage ranges with
  • Star type / Delta type
Control Transformers Control Transformers


Features Applications
  • Minimal Reactance
  • Ultra High quality Insulation
  • Efficient Design
  • Low resistance drop
  • CRGO approve Core used
  • Impregnated with VT Polyester resin
  • Custom built as per Application
  • AC Drive
  • DC Drive
  • Control circuitry
  • Switching components
  • Sensing components
  • Indicating Lamps
  • Control Panels
Product Categories

We can custom build Control Transformers based on your applications needs; contact us today for your requirement evaluation.

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